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Royal Starlight PR is an agency which handles Public Relations for Royalty and similarly prominent persons. Specific tasks include writing and distributing news releases, managing media contact information, measuring news coverage of our client, tracking news trends impacting our Royal client and organizing news conferences. Building as well as maintaining relationships with reporters who cover a particular company or its industry is another task of ours

Building, shaping and monitoring a Royal client’s online presence is a growing public relations responsibility. At RS we use tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to raise our Royal client’s name recognition, connect with company customers or stakeholders, and follow discussions impacting a company's goals or reputation. We also share responsibility for website creation with other departments such as information technology or advertising.

Advocacy and Strategic Communication

Creating communication campaigns for our Royal Clients’ internal and external audiences is another responsibility that falls under the Royal Starlight public relations umbrella. A communication campaign designed to influence public opinion or change policy might include speeches, newsletters, sample letters to Government, videos, or additional web pages or social media sites. Senior members of our public relations team have the responsibility of working with leaders to develop specific campaign goals and strategy.

Crisis Communication

Creating a crisis communication response plan and training employees on the plan's implementation is a critical responsibility of the Royal Starlight public relations team. A crisis communication scenario can be defined as any threat to a Star’s reputation. Crafting a plan includes determining logistics for expected media, identifying a spokesperson, and creating talking points and other background information for news media and impacted public. While not every crisis can be predicted, identifying actions or decisions that could turn into a potential crisis scenario is another responsibility of a public relations team.

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